Serenity Hospice Care-Peachtree City


Hospice Care

About Us

Serenity Hospice Care provides care, comfort and support to hospice patients and their families in their homes.

At Serenity we believe in....

Quality Care - Serenity strives to provide the highest quality of care for our patients and their families.

Compassion - Serenity is available to our patients and their family any time our help is needed.

Dignity - Serenity supports our patients and their family in making the best decisions for them.

Comfort - Our focus is to assist in assuring our patients are comforted and free of pain.

Family - The family and the patient's needs are equally important to all Serenity Staff.

Serenity Hospice Services Include...

- Medications related to your disease will be paid for by Serenity
- Medical equipment needed in the home such as oxygen, hospital bed and wheelchairs are paid for by Serenity.

- A nurse and doctor on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your needs.

- Social workers are available to assist with any insurance issues and also to help connect you to any available resources.

- Chaplaincy services (non-denominational) to provide spiritual support and companionship.

- Volunteers to help with any need the family has, such as running errands, housekeeping, relief time, etc.

- Home health aides to assist with daily care.

- Counseling services are available to all of our patients and their families.

- Inpatient care for relief time or symptom management.